• Cash/Personal Check (not Cashier's)

FREE PAY OPTION: Cash/Personal Check can be accepted in person at any scheduled Meetup

  • Banking Direct Pay 

FREE PAY OPTION: Payments can be sent electronic through Chase, Well Fargo, Bank of America, Capital One, and other financial institutions using the Clear xChange system at NO COST to you. Enter email 

FREE PAY OPTION: f you have a PayPal account, visit the PayPal website, and click "Send Money to Friends and Family". If you use any other feature (i.e. Pay for Goods and Services), you may have charges assessed back to you, that will be applied to your final payment. 

FEES ASSESSED: Clicking the "Pay Now" link below, will route you to PayPal, in order to make a credit card payment, or pay from your account. This pay method will cost 3% of payment made. (i.e. $100, will cost $3 extra)

  • *Credit Card

FEES ASSESSED: Credit cards are an acceptable form of payment offered through PayPal. Fees will avg 3%, which will be added to the final trip payment. Click here to make credit card payment, or use the "Pay Now" link below. Fees are also assessed through this method.

*Disclosure: If making payment by credit card through PayPal, you will be assessed fees up to 3% per transaction, to be added towards your final balance. There is no fee when making a person-to-person payment direct from your financial institution, nor paying from your PayPal account using the "Send Money to Friends and Family".

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